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Passage Options for Walleye and Lake Sturgeon at the Dam Site on the Black Sturgeon River (Lake Superior)

A two-day workshop will be held to discuss options for passing   walleye (Sander vitreus) and lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) by   the dam located near the mouth of the Black Sturgeon River, Lake   Superior, ON.  There is strong local interest in removing the dam.    It is aging and dam removal or alteration for fish passage is viewed   as a key step in rehabilitation of a once productive walleye fishery   in Black Bay, Lake Superior. Improving connectivity between the   river and the bay for lake sturgeon is also an emerging priority.   At the same time, there is broad, lake-wide concern regarding the   possible consequences of dam removal and fish passage. The Black   Sturgeon dam is integral to sea lamprey control in Lake Superior,   where it limits sea lamprey production and the need for chemical   application of lampricides to the lower 17 km of the watershed. Dam   removal or non-selective fish passage has the potential to open up a   large extent of sea lamprey spawning habitat, increase treatment   costs considerably, and expose large populations of listed   northern brook lamprey (Ichthyomyzon fossor) to the effects of   lampricide treatments.  A new dam with selective fish passage is an   attractive management option, but passing walleye and lake sturgeon   effectively remain significant challenges.   The workshop will synthesize the most recent advances in passage of   walleye and lake sturgeon and assess the potential for successful   passage of walleye and lake sturgeon at the Black Sturgeon dam.    (sea lamprey); (sea lampreys); (Petromyzon marinus); (AIS); (aquatic   invasive species); (ANS); (aquatic nuisance species) 

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