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Genetic Identification of Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass Tributary Stocks and Their Contribution to the Lake Population

Throughout the 19  's Lake Erie was being heavily polluted   extirpating many fish species. Now only a few healthy fish   populations remain. One species that is both ecologically and   economically important is the smallmouth bass, Micropterus dolomieu   Lacepede. In order to properly manage the smallmouth bass population   in Lake Erie a comprehensive understanding of the population   genetics is needed.     The purpose of this study is to collect genetic information from   both tributary and lake spawning smallmouth bass. The information   gathered will be used to investigate the genetic variability  among sites. Also, it will be used to determine what the   contribution of lake versus tributary spawned fish is to the local   adult population. The genetic variability will be assessed using   microsatellite loci which allow researchers to identify what   populations' individual fish originate. The genetic data gathered   will be contributed to an existing smallmouth bass genetic database.    (genetic database); (genome); (smallmouth bass); (Lake Erie);   (Micropterus dolomieu); (population genetics)

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