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Soil P and eutrophication: Slowly-changing variables as a possible mechanistic explanation for land use legacies

This project will advance our understanding of the interactions   among ecosystem services using the St-Lawrence River basin, an   ecologically, socially, and economically vital Canadian landscape,   as a learning laboratory. These in-depth analyses will trace the   historical and current interactions among two drivers of ecosystem   change (land use, and fertilizer and manure use), two ES   (agricultural production and water quality), and the slow variables   (soil P holding capacity and soil P concentration) that modulate the   relationship between these ES. Each objective takes on a different   aspect of the interaction among drivers, ES, and slow variables,   culminating in a model of the system that tracks these interactions.     The objectives of the project are:  1) Identify hot spots of soil P accumulation over the past 1   years   in the St-Lawrence River sub-basin and assess how changes in hot   spots are related to drivers such as agricultural productivity and   animal density.  2) Quantify change in key drivers (land use, fertilizer and manure   use) and ES (water quality, agricultural production) in Southern   Quebec over the past 1   years, and determine how changes in drivers   are related to changes in ES and to slow variables (soil P   concentrations and P holding capacity) in the system.  3) Estimate rates of soil recovery from agriculture after   abandonment, with particular focus on changes in soil P   concentration and P holding capacity.  4) Explore the interactions among drivers, ES, and slow variables in   the food-water system.    (St. Lawrence river); (Quebec); (phosphorous); (eutrophication);   (algal bloom); (algal blooms); (algae); (land use); (agriculture);   (agricultural land use)

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Elena BennettPrincipal Investigator
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Scope of Study
Field Investigation
Laboratory Investigation
Scale of Phenomena
Impact of Pollutants
Nutrients, Including Phosphorus
Lake Basin Connecting Channels
St.Lawrence River
State Province
Region Being Monitored
Land Use
Resource Being Monitored
Agricultural Land Use
Emission / Release / Discharge / Waste Management
Human Health
Program Drivers
Remedial Actions Plan (RAP)
Beneficial Use Impairment Assessments
Added Costs to Agriculture or Industry
Beach Closings
Compliance with Environmental Quality Objectives
Eutrophication or Undesirable Algae
Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat
Restrictions of Fish and Wildlife Consumption
Restrictions on Drinking Water Consumption or Taste and Odour Problems
Tainting of Fish and Wildlife Populations
Annex Numbers
Control of Phosphorus
Pollution from Non-Point Sources

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