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Shipboard Scientific Support Equipment

9618716 GOAD This project will supply shipboard scientific support equipment for the research vessel LAURENTIAN operated by the University of Michigan, Center for Great Lakes & Aquatic Sciences, and dedicated to use in support of ocean science research. The Shipboard Scientific Support Equipment Program provides funds for ship equipment deemed essential to the proper and safe conduct of ocean science research. This Program provides support for such items as deck equipment including winch systems for the deployment and retrieval of scientific instruments, navigational equipment such as radars, gyroscopes and earth satellite receivers to pin point the location of research sites, communication equipment including radio transceivers and satellite transceivers for voice and scientific data communications and other equipment such as motorized workboats for transporting scientists to and from data retrieval sites. The Project Director, Dr. Linda Goad is fully qualified to direct this project having had considerable experience in overseeing the acquisition and installation of shipboard equipment. This project will allow the institution to reduce engine room noise, and upgrade safety equipment. ***

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