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Americas Program: International Syposium on Biomonitors andBiomarkers as Indicators of Environmental Change; Windsor, Ontario, June 5-9, 1994

9408698 Butterworth This Americas Program award will partially support a symposium in the field of biomonitoring technologies. The symposium, organized by Dr. F. M. Butterworth, Oakland University, Michigan, Dr. Dieter Reidel, University of Windsor, Ontario, and Dr. Judith Guzman Rivera of the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares (ININ) in Mexico City, will take place in conjunction with the annual conference of the International Association of Great Lakes Research, in Windsor, Ontario, June 1994. The major objectives of the symposium are to identify deficiencies and problems with current monitoring strategies; to present novel state-of-the art biomonitoring methods and applications, and to stimulate new associations and collaborations between North American Free Trade (NAFTA) countries to respond to the challenges of increased pollution rates. Routine monitoring using biological test systems is critical in the surveillance of aqueous environments to identify hazards to human health. The traditional method of using biomonitors in conjunction with chemical analysis to detect pathologies caused by toxic contaminants is hampered by the presence in the environment of complex mixtures of these pollutants. There is, therefore, an urgent need to accelerate research in developing improved and new systems to detect new hazards resulting from increased industrial development of the NAFTA countries. The work presented and the standards recommended at this symposium will be published as a reference resource for the benefit of the scientific community, regulatory agencies, and the public. ***

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