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Removal of Terrestrial Invasive Species in Multiple Great Lakes Watersheds

Operational projects will control the further spread of invasive mute swan and feral swine populations. Mute swans will be removed from priority state-managed natural areas to levels established by the State and other mute swan management plans. This will include swan management on public and private waters within the Great Lakes watersheds to protect vegetation or other wildlife. Feral swine management will maintain and improve the integrity of riparian and wetland habitats, reduce disease threats, and protect agricultural resources. Hog control prior to exponential population growth is required to prevent destructive feral swine from becoming established in the Great Lakes ecosystem. USDA Wildlife Services will collaborate with the Michigan Feral Swine Task Force in educating landowners on feral swine detection and trapping techniques, as well as assisting in trapping and other hog control efforts. 

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