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Wildlife Management to Improve Water Quality

Increasing Canada geese populations in the Great Lake Watershed contribute to bacterial and protozoa loading, and increase erosion, which can negatively affect water quality. In the Lake Michigan watershed, Wildlife Services (WS) will collaborate with the Chicago Parks Department to protect parks from the impacts of overabundant Canada geese. Fecal droppings from geese contaminate water with bacteria and protozoa, and high population densities of geese can denude bank vegetation leading to soil erosion. The project will employ integrated damage management techniques to reduce droppings and reduce wildlife impacts to water quality, risks to human health, and ensure human use and enjoyment of area parks. In the Lake Ontario and Erie watersheds, WS NY will use a cooperative Canada geese population management to reduce fecal coliform bacteria and protozoa to improve water quality and reduce wetland browsing. 

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