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REU Site:Chemistry and Biochemistry Research Experiences for Undergraduates at Loyola University Chicago

This award from the Division of Chemistry (CHE) supports a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) site led by Kenneth W. Olsen at Loyola University of Chicago for three summers, commencing in 2010. The site will support nine students per summer in a ten week program. The research projects focus on research in a wide number of areas in the chemical sciences. Sample projects include: (1) the synthesis and characterization of an improved hemoglobin polymer; (2) the study of the regulation of starch synthesis in bacteria and plants; (3) the synthesis of supramolecular structures for host-guest investigations; (4) the computational study of electronic structure and nuclear dynamics in electrocyclic reactions; (5) the study of DNA adducts formed with the water disinfection byproduct dibromonitromethane; (6) the study of charge injection in nanostructures; (7) the study of electron transfer processes in clays; (8) the computational study of complexes containing divalent metal cations; (9) a study of quorum quenching hydrolases in bacteria; and (10) a study of the ways in which lake breezes off of Lake Michigan process and transport atmospheric pollutants. In addition to conducting research during the summer, the students participating in this program will participate in site visits (e.g. the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory), and a variety of professional development activities. Students in the City Colleges of Chicago will be recruited, as well as other colleges in the region. Many of the schools in the area have large numbers of students from underrepresented groups. Students will be selected on the basis of their enthusiasm for research, intellectual curiosity and motivation. Young scientists need exposure to modern research methods and tools as part of their training. This REU site aims to provide practical, hands-on research training to a significant number of students who might not otherwise have this opportunity. The possible projects span a wide range of topics of current chemical research, giving the students working at Loyola University's REU site excellent examples of the kinds of research problems that chemical scientists investigate. Students participating in research at this site will be well-prepared for graduate school, and eventual employment as part of the country's technical workforce. The pool of student participants will diverse, and many will come from groups traditionally underrepresented in the chemical sciences.

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