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Collaborative Research: I/UCRC for Water Equipment and Policy

I/UCRC for Water Equipment and Policy 0968887 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Erik Christensen 0968844 Marquette University; Michael Switzenbaum The Center for Water Equipment and Policy (WEP) will focus on improving water quality and understanding related technologies. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) AND Marquette University (MU) are collaborating to establish the proposed center, with UWM as the lead institution. The proposed Center will focus on improving water equipment based on recent advances in materials, sensors, and control hardware/software. The Center will conduct policy studies including water demand and risk analysis. A goal is to improve the profitability of water equipment manufacturers and to improve the industry competitiveness and ability to adopt new technology for enhanced economic development. The five potential research thrust areas that form the basis of WEP include: Advanced Sensor and Control System Technology, Novel Materials, Autonomous Inspection and Repair, Environmental Systems Design, and Regulation, Legislation and Water Policy. The proposed Center will stimulate growth and economic development. The teams of researchers from both universities will work with the industrial advisory board to select high priority projects that should benefit society through improved water quality and availability, not only in the Great Lakes region but elsewhere in the US and world. Underrepresented students will be hired to work on these research projects that are of direct industrial relevance. The PIs plan to work with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and the National Society of Black Engineers student organizations to attract highly qualified minority students.

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