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Expanded long-term Great Lakes contamination monitoring

Mussel Watch is a long-term monitoring program for environmental contaminants in US coastal waters and the Great Lakes. The first two-year effort provided a "high level" basin-wide perspective of contaminant levels in mussels and sediment collected in nearshore areas (reference sites) and AOCs. In year three, Mussel Watch will focus on mussel contaminant levels in selected AOCs. Additional mussel sites will be established to provide greater spatial resolution and more accuate assement of contaminatnt levels in the lower river reach and harbor areas of AOCs of western Lake Michigan. In addition, effects-based indicators of exposure in mussels will be used to evaluate selected AOCs including Milwaukee, Sheboygan, Fox River/lower Green Bay, Meniominee, and Manistique. In addition, two probalistic sampling designs will be implemented, one in the Ashtabula River AOC and the other in the Milwaukee Estuary. These two studies will use the sediment quality triad approach (sediment chemistry, sediment toxicity, and benthic infauna characterization). 

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