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Modeling Atmospheric Mercury Deposition to the Great Lakes

This project estimates the atmospheric deposition of mercury to the Great Lakes Basin using a specially configured mercury (Hg) version of the NOAA Hybrid Single Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory Model (HYSPLIT-Hg). HYSPLIT-Hg is an atmospheric fate and transport model that tracks the movement of mercury from air emissions sources to eventual deposition. In addition to the overall amount of mercury being deposited to each of the Great Lakes and their watersheds, the fractions of this deposition arising from local, regional, and global source regions, and different source types are being estimated. This information will be useful in prioritizing local, regional, national, and international actions to reduce mercury loadings to the Great Lakes. In the 2nd year of the project, a sensitivity analysis and extended model evaluation is being carried out to assess the influence of uncertainties on the results. 

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