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Assessment of Lake Ontario Benthic Macroinvertebrate

The NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory in collaboration with EPA Region2, Cornell University, and University of Michigan CILER will evaluate the composition and abundance of components of the benthic community of Lake Ontario. These data are critical to understanding the mechanisms and permitting quantitative estimation of the benthic-pelagic flux of energy and nutrients of each basin. Special attention will be given to keystone invertebrate species (Dreissena spp., Diporeia spp.). The objective of this research is to provide a statistically valid and precise estimate of lake-wide (both near and offshore) and habitat-specific benthic invertebrate abundance and biomass (defined by depth and substrate type) of the Lake Ontario in 2013. The metrics will be used compared to environmental measures such as chlorophyll a, TP, and TOC. 

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