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High Resolution Environment Satellite Image Receiving Station

9451257 Gibson We request funding to purchase and establish an earth station for receiving high resolution images from the environmental satellites. The station would be used in several areas of the sciences (initially physics and ecology) and at several levels, from introductory classes to undergraduate research. It would also be used in an outreach research program for secondary teachers and students. Science Classes. Initially we would use the station in PHY 220 Modern Physics and BIO 402 Ecology, where the physics students would collect images from the satellites and use them to prepare information products for the ecology students. The ecology students would then do two projects: a meteorology project, where they would obtain Lake Michigan surface water temperatures from the satellite infra red images and ground-truth them against buoy data, and a vegetation project, where they would use NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) techniques to follow changing vegetation patterns in the state of Michigan during the fall by assessing chlorophyll changes. Undergraduate Research. We would develop undergraduate research projects in both biology and physics, taking advantage of the very large range of possibilities inherent in the multi-spectral HRPT and VISSR images. Outreach. We would use the satellite receiving station in an outreach program to involve secondary school teachers and students in accessible research activities with the high resolution images. We have a record of success with this type of research involvement with the high school teachers and their students.

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