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GLERL`s contribution to Lake Huron 2012 CSMI

Lake Huron Benthic Survey -- GLERL has been involved in assessing trends in benthic populations (including zebra and quagga mussels) in Lake Huron since 2000. Spatial Study Alpena -- This project will do the same intense spatial work off Alpena that GLERL presently does off Muskegon. This would involve 3 cruises (April, July, September) along a transect at Alpena using plankton survey system, acoustics, net tows, and Tucker trawl to examine horizontal and vertical distribution of plankton, larval fish, fish, and Mysis and relate them to dreissenid-driven changes in phytoplankton abundance and distribution and light climate, which has altered horizontal spatial distribution of planktivorous fishes and changed in diel vertical migration of fishes and zooplankton. Sediment Core Study in Saginaw Bay -- this project will collect 10 sediment cores in Saginaw Bay and the main body of Lake Huron to examine if analogous changes in the rate of phosphorus sedimentation are discernible. 

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