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Scientific Equipment to Improve Science Education Aboard the Vessel D. J. Angus

9451558 Ward The aquatic science program at Grand Valley State University launched the vessel D.J. ANGUS in 1986. The vessel supports an extensive undergraduate aquatic science education program, a newly developed educational opportunity for prospective elementary school teachers, and workshops for in-service teachers. The D.J. ANGUS also supports a major informal science education initiative spanning much of the east shore of Lake Michigan. The D.J. ANGUS promotes both formal and informal science education through investigative hands-on activities. The vessel was intentionally equipped with "low tech" instruments until the success of the program was documented. During the 7 years of operation the program has grown to a point of maximum capacity in which approximately 3,5OO participants are served each year. In addition to serving a maximum number of participants, the program has spread from its original location in Grand Haven, Michigan, to include many other sites along the Lake Michigan shoreline. The increasing requests for the program, plus the annual surveys of participants, indicate that the program has achieved success at its current stage of development and is now ready to proceed to the next level. This additional instrumentation provided by this award increases both the formal and informal instructional capabilities of the vessel D. J. ANGUS. This equipment increases the science content, improves the experience, and expands the scope of the aquatic sciences program.

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