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Acquisition of a FTIR and Microscale Conversion in ChemistryLaboratories

The acquisition of the Fourier-transform-infrared (FTIR) spectrophotometer allows the chemistry program to improve and update the chemistry laboratory curriculum. Applications of FTIR spectrophotometer are being incorporated into all chemistry courses with the emphasis on organic chemistry. Organic chemistry students use the FTIR to study functional group interconversion, identify unknowns, follow the progress of reactions, and help establish the level of purity of synthesized compounds. Other introductory general chemistry classes may use the FTIR in the chemistry content related to carbon compounds and experiments. The introduction of the FTIR spectrophotometer into the chemistry program, particularly into the teaching of Organic Chemistry, is aligning the curriculum and laboratory experiences that students receive with the expectations and practice of 4-year transfer institutions and in industry.

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