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POWRE: Aquatic Education Learning Community

The focal point of the Aquatic Education Learning Community project is to bring hands-on science to thousands of students and the general public through development of a Lake Michigan Center to be located on the shore of Muskegon Lake in Michigan. The project will build on the success of the Grand Valley State University - Water Resources Institute (GVSU-WRI) Outreach and Education Program, a Michigan Department of Education grant to the Institute for teacher professional development, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Lake Michigan Forum Making Lake Michigan Great tour. It will also allow the PI, who was recently awarded a doctoral degree, to increase her prominence in science and enhance her professional capabilities at GVSU-WRI.<br/> The goals for the Aquatic Education Learning Community project and the GVSU-WRI Outreach and Education Program include the following:<br/> o continue to develop the K-12, teacher enhancement, public education, and university<br/> programs aboard the D. J. Angus and W. G. Jackson vessels;<br/> o pursue the development of shoreline facilities which support the vessels and permit <br/> expansion of environmental education programming and research;<br/> o foster connections throughout the Lake Michigan Basin through the Making Lake Michigan Great Tour of the W. G. Jackson vessel; and<br/> o become a regional center for environmental outreach to K-12 education, business, industry, government, agriculture, and communities.<br/> Creation of a Lake Michigan Center and the Making Lake Michigan Great tour will serve as catalysts for aquatic education throughout the entire Lake Michigan Basin. Using the schoolship experience and stream/lake monitoring as a crucible for creative partnerships, the Center and the tour will pull together in-service and prospective teachers, students, scientific researchers, business and industry, government agencies, and communities to create a community of learners.

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