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Acquisition of a Sensitive Magnetic Susceptibility System and a Thermal Demagnetization Device

0824559<br/>Smirnov<br/><br/>This grant supports acquisition of instrumentation to characterize the magnetic properties of rocks, minerals and sediments. A kappabridge equipped with variable sample temperature control capabilities (from -196??C to 700??C) for measuring anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility and bulk susceptibility in weak variable magnetic fields and a thermal demagnetizer equipped with a controlled atmosphere chamber and controlled field coil to permit measurement of paleointensity will be acquired by Michigan Technological University. The equipment will support PI research on the long-term evolution of Earth?s magnetic field in the Precambrian, studies of processes of acquisition and preservation of paleointensity signal in rocks, and studies of magnetism of sediments and soils for paleoclimatic and environmental applications. The equipment will support Ph.D. student research as well as undergraduate research projects both within MTU and also at nearby Lake Superior State University. Upgrade of the MTU paleomagnetism lab represents a significant research infrastructure enhancement for an isolated region of the upper Midwest U.S.

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