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Collaborative Project: Collaborations for Building Michigan Geology Talent

This OEDG Planning Grant award is being used to establish collaborations across the state of Michigan as part of an effort to increase the number and quality of rigorous high school geoscience courses and the establishment of more dual-enrollment courses in the geosciences. The broader goals of this project are to elevate the stature of the geosciences and potentially reach a new generation of students, increase the number of students selecting geoscience careers, and broaden diversity within the workforce. This award will begin to outline a strategy for training teachers from throughout Michigan to teach the 12th grade High School Advanced Geology (HSAG) course developed by Mattox and Bolhuis. Expected outcomes of the planning phase include: 1) a consortium of universities that agree to give college credit to students who take the HSAG course from a trained instructor and who pass an approved test that will be graded by faculty at the participating universities; 2)pathways between Earth science teachers from high schools with diverse students and faculty in university geology departments; and, 3) marketing and recruitment strategies that engage diverse student populations.

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