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Ship Operations, R/V Blue Heron

0070164<br/>Ricketts<br/><br/>The University of Minnesota Duluth will operate the R/V Blue Heron during 2000 as a general oceanographic research vessel in support of NSF-supported research projects. The Blue Heron is an 86 ft. vessel, constructed in 1985 and converted in 1997, and is owned by the Regents of the University of Minnesota and operated by Large Lakes Observatory. The vessel is scheduled for a total of 96 operational days during 2000, of which 59 days are in support of NSF-supported investigators. The remaining cruises will support NOAA, State and other private projects. The projects scheduled on the Blue Heron span a variety of oceanographic disciplines, such as biological, geological, chemical and physical oceanography, and will fully utilize the capabilities of the vessel. Operations will take place on Lake Superior.<br/><br/>The Blue Heron is part of a fleet of ships used by the National Science Foundation in support of marine science research. Most oceanographic projects require highly specialized equipment to be permanently installed on the vessel, thus the necessity for specialized ships. These vessels do not operate in the same mode as general cargo/fishing vessels. As a result, NSF supports the operation of a variety of ships specifically dedicated to oceanographic research that are operated by universities and institutions around the country.<br/>***

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