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REU Site: An Integrated Assessment of Physical, Ecological, and Socio-economic Aspects of a Watershed System

This ten-week REU Site will provide an opportunity for 12 students each summer to conduct research of global significance using the Maumee watershed as a test case. This REU will educate students regarding the interconnected nature of hydrological processes, water quality, demographics and economics, land use practices, riparian ecosystem quality, sediment contamination, and the legal and policy implications of river ecosystem degradation. Students will work with a mentor as they conduct research projects focused on the Maumee River and Lake Erie health from environmental, biological, social, and policy perspectives. <br/><br/>The research projects will focus on the Maumee watershed and Lake Erie. Among the Great Lakes, Lake Erie is unique in that its water quality problems are primarily related to the specific human phenomena of agricultural pollution and urbanization. The interdisciplinary approach of this REU Site allows for a thorough examination of the environmental and social issues surrounding the environmental degradation of the Maumee watershed; possible remediation and related policy and legal issues will also be explored. Students will gain a broad understanding of environmental issues and also learn techniques for field observations through collection of environmental samples (soil, water, and biological), ground truth observations for remote sensing projects, and the use of Geographic Information System (GIS) for some projects.<br/>This award contributes to the Foundation's continuing efforts to attract talented students into careers in science through active undergraduate research experiences.

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