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A Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) For Great Lakes Undergraduate Education

9352520 Meadows A Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) for Great Lakes undergraduate laboratory education is serving a broad, undergraduate population with the goal of producing high quality engineering and science students with the tools necessary to attack the serious issues facing the marine environment. The ROV is receiving a wide interdisciplinary use in the education of students across the breadth of the institution. Technological development in new areas such as ocean exploration requires the training of engineers and scientists with capabilities to adequately attack new and challenging problems. Similarly, major future breakthroughs in all areas of oceanography will be made by detailed understanding of ecosystems and their interrelationships. An important role in this effort and in the development of appropriate undergraduate curricula is being played by the selective sampling and inspection capabilities provided by vehicles such as this ROV. The equipment and facilities necessary to support the proposed ROV operations include the Ship Hydrodynamics Laboratory (SHL) and the University of Michigan's Research Vessel Laurentian which operates in the Great Lakes as part of the NSF/UNOLS Fleet. ***

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