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Great Lakes Geometry Conference 2004

Abstract<br/><br/>Award: DMS-0333763<br/>Principal Investigator: Liviu Nicolaescu<br/><br/>The Great Lakes Geometry Conference will meet on April 17-18,<br/>2004 at the University of Notre Dame. Likely topics for talks at<br/>the meeting include gauge theoretic methods in low-dimensional<br/>topology, symplectic and contact topology, Gromov-Witten<br/>invariants, mirror symmetry, and Riemannian geometry. The<br/>conference is expected to offer eight or nine sixty-minute<br/>lectures as well as time for interactions in an informal setting.<br/><br/>This is the sixth in a series of conferences that run campuses in<br/>the Great Lakes states. Financial support is particularly aimed<br/>at graduate students in geometry and topology throughout the<br/>midwest, and the conference is intended to provide an informal<br/>setting for graduate students and junior researchers from the<br/>region to learn of recent trends and to interact with leaders in<br/>these fields. After originating as a joint project of Michigan<br/>State University and the University of Wisconsin, Great Lakes<br/>conferences have been held at other campuses, including<br/>Northwestern University and the University of Michigan.

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