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Acquisition of stable isotope mass spectrometry system for biogeochemical research at the Large Lakes Observatory

0320880<br/>Werne<br/>This Major Research Instrumentation award to University of Minnesota Duluth provides funds for acquisition of an isotope-ratio mass spectrometer, a gas chromatograph and a headspace gas sampling device to be applied to a variety of research projects in environmental sciences, biology, geology and chemistry. It will be housed, together with existing ICP-MS and elemental analyzer instruments, in a newly renovated biogeochemistry facility. It will provide an important regional capability, presently lacking, for environmental research in the Great Lakes region, with a strong emphasis on lacustrine studies, both of the Great Lakes and elsewhere. The new instrumentation offers undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and research staff, hands-on training in analytical techniques as well as access to research-grade instrumentation for research projects. This proposal is supported by the Division of Ocean Sciences at NSF.<br/> ***

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