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Pollen Studies Sub-Contract for Regional Climatic Change, Meltwaters, and Lake Levels of the Laurentian Great Lakes

9520269 Shane The project aims at establishing a direct tie between regional climatic and lake histories by linking the paleolimnological record of the lake fluctuations, melt water and microfauna and flora. It will extend the paleoclimatic record, especially the annual variability record back to Younger Drayas. Oxygen isotope measurements on ostracode valves, and faunal studies will establish a temporal framework. AMS dates will provide absolute chronology. Synthetic seismograms of core sediments will link them to seismic records. Physical properties measurements and pollen studies will tie the history of lake levels to climatic history. A coring, side-scan and seismic profiling cruise is planned in mid 1995 in Lakes Michigan and Huron. ***

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