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Improvement of Space for Research and Research Training at the UW-System's Great Lakes Research Facility

The National Science Foundation and the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee are jointly funding renovation of the University of Wisconsin System Great Lakes Research Facility (GLRF). The modernization will focus on laboratories for research and research training in geochemistry, biogeochemistry, microbiology, limnology, plankton ecology, and aquatic ecology/behavioral ecology. The upgrades will provide modern research space in the building which was originally constructed in 1965 as a manufacturing plant and subsequently outfitted for research in 1973 and 1978. Specific improvements involve major changes to the basic infrastructure, as well as targeted laboratory and laboratory support facilities. New plumbing facilities including drains, water, gas, deionized water and air delivery systems will be installed throughout the research space. A two-way video/data LAN microwave link will be installed to connect the main UW-Milwaukee campus with the GLRF. Finally, new fixed equipment including fume hoods, laboratory counters, walk-in refrigerators, growth chambers and incubators will be replaced or added, as appropriate, to a selected group of laboratories.

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