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Acquisition of an Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer and a Carbon, Nitrogen, Sulfur Analyzer for Geochemical Research at the Large Lakes Observatory

0079246<br/>McManus<br/>This Major Research Instrumentation award to University of Minnesota Duluth's Large Lakes Observatory provides funds for acquisition of an inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer and a carbon, nitrogen, sulfer analyzer for environmental sciences research. It will be used for a wide variety of biogeochemical research projects, many emphasizing Great Lakes studies, and both undergraduate and graduate student will use the instrumentation for classwork, research and training. It will be managed as a recharge facility, available to many researchers and students at UMD and other regional universities. The project is supported by the Division of Ocean Sciences at NSF. University of Minnesota will provide cost-share support for 40% of total project costs.<br/>***

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