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Research Experience for Undergraduates

9732316 Cuhel The Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Site at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Center For Great Lakes Studies (CGLS) provides environmental aquatic science research training for 10 students per year in a cohesive, multidisciplinary environment. Students interested in chemistry, geology, and biology of lake and ocean settings are paired with mentors supervising active research laboratories. Together they will develop a program of study compatible with the advisor's interests and capabilities within one of the interdisciplinary research programs active at CGLS. After an introduction to CGLS and a day of open Lake Michigan sampling experience aboard the research vessel R/V NEESKAY, they will begin a combined field, laboratory, and library investigation with increasing student self-reliance. Teams of students working within an umbrella project will learn the essential nature of collaborative effort and the reward of applying their individual skills to accomplish collective goals. Regularly scheduled student and faculty interactions at both formal and informal levels will be available. Workshops on instrumentation, graduate school and career opportunities, writing and public presentation of results, and related topics will be offered. At the close of the 10-week session, each of the students will present a poster, a5 minute oral talk describing their work to a public audience, and a short but detailed paper in the format of a typical journal article.

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