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Acquisition of a High-Resolution Seismic-Reflection Profiling Systems Which Utilizes CHIRP Technology and a Side-Scan Sonar System

9413384 Woodrow This award provides partial funding for the acquisition of a side-scanning sonar system and a seismic reflection profiling system by Hobart and William Smith Colleges. The two systems generate complementary images of the subsurface and will be used in the study of sediments and other subsurface structures in lakes, river and estuary environments. The equipment will be stored at Hobart and Smith Colleges, and its use and maintenance will be managed by Hobart and Smith Colleges and Colgate University. The applications of the geophysical imaging systems will include studies of the Finger Lakes and Great Lakes in faculty research projects as well as independent student research projects and use in science training for undergraduate and graduate students. The equipment will be available for use by faculty and students from a total of nine upstate New York institutions. ***

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