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ARFMP: Great Lakes Field Station Modernization Program

This Academic Research Facilities Modernization Program (ARFMP) award from the Research Facilities Office provides funds to the State University of New York College at Buffalo for the repair and renovation of the Great Lakes Field Station which houses that institution's biological, chemical, and technological research and research training activities that comprise aquatic science. This building was constructed in 1952 and last renovated in 1981. The ARFMP grant of $350,000 and $350,000 provided by the grantee as cost sharing will be used to modernize these research and research training facilities, thus allowing a significant increase in the number of faculty and students that can be accommodated in Great Lakes.focused research efforts as well as in the number of academic and industrial investigations which concern the effect of effluents on the lakes system that can be conducted. The project will address the need to improve the current research infrastructure by upgrading the system capable of supplying untreated Lake Erie water, repairing lake access structures, replacing deteriorated lake/river specimen and fish holding tanks and raceways, providing larger and more modern wet laboratory facilities, repairing external holding ponds, and enhancing chemical safety and personal security systems. This award contributes to the infrastructure of science and engineering by providing an improved environment for the conduct of research and for the training of quality undergraduate and graduate students. The program focus on the zebra mussel invasion means that the students trained in these laboratories will not only have expertise in basic research, but they will also be prepared to address a very important regional problem of applied research.

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