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9622541 GOAD The University of Michigan will operate R/V LAURENTIAN during 1996 as a general oceanographic vessel in support of NSF-funded research projects. The LAURENTIAN is an 80' general research vessel constructed in 1974 and owned by the University of Michigan. The ship is scheduled for 60 operating days in 1993, of which 42 days are in support of NSF-sponsored programs. The ship operates primarily in the Great Lakes. This vessel is part of a fleet used by the National Science Foundation to support oceanographic research projects. Most oceanographic research projects require highly specialized equipment and extensive support from a ship's crew members. An increasing number of research projects require equipment that must be permanently installed on a ship and for which the ship must be specifically designed. Such equipment also requires highly trained crew members for maintenance and operation. These vessels do not operate in the same manner as general cargo or fishing vessels, and therefore, NSF supports the operation of a variety of vessels specifically dedicated to oceanographic research. These vessels are operated by universities and research institutions around the country. The R/V LAURENTIAN is a capable vessel for the work proposed. The program considers the ship important part of the fleet due to its location. The Laurentian is the only UNOLS vessel that operates in the Great Lakes, and the University of Michigan should be encouraged to improve usage of the vessel.

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