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RUI: Acquisition of Equipment for Measuring the Magnetic Properties of Geologic Materials

9405410 Kelso This award provides one-half the funding necessary to acquire equipment for a magnetics laboratory to be installed and operated in the Department of Computer, Geologic and Mathematical Sciences at Lake Superior University. The University is committed to providing the remaining funds necessary to acquire the equipment. The equipment consists of a high-temperature (i.e., operated at greater than 77K) superconducting magnetometer, a thermal demagnetizer, an alternating field demagnetizer, and a magnetic susceptibility bridge. The new equipment is to be used primarily in the research projects and classroom exercises of the Principal Investigator and students. These projects will include study of the time-temperature dependence of how rocks are magnetized in situ and application to geological problems such as the magnetization of the oceanic lithosphere and the effect of chemical changes and metamorphism on the magnetic properties of rocks. The Principal Investigator's department does not offer the doctoral degree, and Lake Superior University is eligible for the NSF Research in Undergraduate Institutions (RUI) activity. The Principal Investigator's research and teaching programs will involve significant participation by undergraduate students. ***

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