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Collaborative Research: Post-Penokean Crustal Stabilization in Lake Superior Region, North-Central United States


Continental interiors commonly remain stable for long periods of geologic time, unaffected by tectonism even when their plate margins are active. Yet, these rocks bear clear evidence of extensive but ancient tectonic activity. Just how this transition from active tectonism and associated magmatism to a stable craton ("cratonization") was accomplished is controversial. This project will study precambrain rocks in the Lake Superior region that may produce data to discriminate between several current concepts or models for this process. The age pattern and duration of post-Penokean granites vary between models and age dates from a number of plutons will be an important component of the study. Results are expected to document the transition from active tectonism to stabilization of the craton for the Lake Superior example, which will be of considerable importance in understanding this process in other cratons.
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