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Improving the Laboratory Experience in Engineering Technology with Modern Computer-Based Instrumentation

9452284 McDonald This project will provide students with important laboratory instruction in computer-based instrumentation that students appreciate and industry desires. This new instruction will augment traditional instrumentation instruction with challenging and interesting laboratory experiences that use computer-based data acquisition and instrument control. These engaging laboratory experiences will enhance the students' motivation and enthusiasm while providing them with essential employment skills. These instrumentation experiences will occur throughout the curriculum to build the students' confidence and proficiency with this technology. Students will learn the basics of data acquisition in technical fundamentals courses. This knowledge will then be reinforced by using data acquisition in electrical machinery and materials testing laboratories. Finally, students will use automated testing in senior-level industrial electronics, machine design, and thermodynamics courses, and also in senior design projects and independent study experiences. Both associate and baccalaureate level students in Automated Manufacturing, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering Technology will benefit from this project. Modern industry needs these types of technical graduates who can install, operate, and apply computer-controlled data acquisition and instrumentation systems.

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