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REU Site: Interdisciplinary Research in Environmental Signal Transduction

Western Michigan University will host a Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Site in Environmental Signal Transduction for ten students. The goal is to foster the development of undergraduate students as future research scientists. Students are provided exciting research projects in a cooperative learning environment that instills an understanding of interdisciplinary research. University facilities, including a new research building, and dedicated faculty mentors provide an excellent atmosphere for student success in the program. The 10-week summer program includes: (1) an independent research project under the guidance of faculty mentors, (2) a discussion series on the scientific process, ethics in science, and internationalization of research, and (3) opportunities for interaction, dissemination and development. Student participants are encouraged to attend weekly research symposia and give a brief presentation at the end of the program. Students also prepare a research paper and are encouraged to prepare abstracts for presentation at scientific meetings. Students will be recruited regionally throughout the Great Lakes area from colleges where research opportunities are limited, as well as nationally. Under-represented minority students are especially encouraged to apply. More information, including an online application, is available at, or by contacting Dr. Susan Stapleton at or

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