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Great Lakes Research Consortium Practicum in Applied Environmental Problem-Solving: New Approaches and Techniquesfor Undergraduate Teaching Faculty

The goals of the Great Lakes Consortium Summer Practicum in Applied Environmental Problem-Solving are to encourage participants to revise or create new multidisciplinary environmental science courses based on applied environmental problem solving; and to expose participants to innovative new theoretical and practical techniques being used in the Great Lakes basin and to introduce faculty to involved scientists. The project theme--environmental impact analysis--ties together the methods necessary for analyzing and solving environmental problems. The project also addresses the gap existing between the availability of up-to-date information about a major national resource--the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence ecosystem--and what is currently taught at the undergraduate level. The practicum is familiarizing participants with related developments in environmental analysis; cascading trophic dynamics, particle-size spectrum theory, and endocrine system-disrupting pollutants; and environmental sampling, analytical methods, and mass balance/bioenergetics modeling of toxic chemical dynamics in aquatic ecosystems. Scientists with the Great Lakes Research Consortium who have made significant contributions in these fields are leading each of the practicum's modules. Although the Great Lakes are used as an example, the theories, methods and models learned are applicable anywhere. The three week practicum in June 1998, combines field/lab experience, classroom instruction and skills development exercises in four course modules: I) Great Lakes Ecosystem Science/Issues and Lake Ontario Environments; 2) Techniques for Analyzing Toxic Chemicals Commonly Found in the Great Lakes, 3) Ecosystem Modeling with Spreadsheets: Mass Balance/Bioenergetics 4) Writing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Developing Problem-Solving Curricula for Undergraduates.

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