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Sedimentology of the Paris and Galt moraines and hydrogeological implications

The Paris and Galt moraines are two of fourteen moraines in the Grand River watershed. They are characterized by moderate to high relief of generally higher permeability than adjacent lowland areas. As such, they support higher recharge rates, contain significant overburden aquifers, and
form the headwaters of many of the regions subwatersheds. This fieldtrip will visit three distinct settings within the Paris and Galt moraines in order to demonstrate the variable moraine geology and the significance of improved geological understanding for ground water studies. Specifically the
trip will discuss five key aspects of the Paris - Galt moraine complex. The stratigraphy of the moraine area will be reviewed on th e basis of new core data and insight they provide into moraine thickness, composition, lithostratigraphy, and the nature of underlying platform the moraine is
constructed on. This framework provides a context for more site specific sedimentology discussion from outcrops and their implications for predictive depositional models. The geological context is crucial to understanding the of the moraine and the Grand River watershed. This geological framework
will be used to better assess the paleogeography of Laurentide ice-sheet moraines and implications for improvements to regional deglacial models.

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