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Aqueous geochemistry of the Englishman River Watershed, Parksville, British Columbia for use in assessment of potential surface water-groundwater interaction

The population in the Englishman River Watershed (ERW) in Parksville, BC is over 50% reliant on groundwater. Increasing development pressures have raised local, provincial and federal government concerns over sustainability of water resources. The Englishman River is viewed as a
significant water source to support future growth and economic development. Managing long-term sustainable use of water resources of this watershed is imperative for both ecologic health and economic prosperity. As water demand pressures grow, sustainable water management requires knowledge of the
degree of surface water-groundwater (SW/GW) interaction within a watershed. Geochemical methods can provide valuable information on seasonal aquifer contribution and SW/GW interactions. Developing geochemical tools that can place constraints on these complex systems will aid development of
hydrogeological models, which can be used to support decision makers in water allocation.
This open file provides initial geochemical results from a groundwater well and river sampling program in the Englishman River watershed carried out in 2010-2011.

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