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Evaluation of three evapotranspiration products over the Canadian landmass

Evapotranspiration (ET) is the water lost from the Earth¿s surfaces to the atmosphere. Subtracting ET from precipitation results in the available water to a hydrologic system for recharge to subsurface aquifers and to stream flows. ET is a strong indicator of water availability in response
to changes in climate and land use. Thus, the characterization of the spatial and seasonal variations of ET is critical to sustainable management of water resources. Remote sensing has been playing an important role in mapping large scale ET and providing useful information to fill our knowledge
gaps. This study compares three mainstream ET products obtained from the EALCO, MODIS, and VIC models over the Canadian landmass. The three ET products generally showed good agreement over the southern part of the landmass, but the differences over the northern part (i.e., the arctic, taiga, and
cordillera regions) were found substantial. The impact of the uncertainties in the ET data on assessing the regional water budget is discussed.

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