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Modeling the evolution of a regional fractured-rock aquifer system in southern Quebec following the last deglaciation

The ~9 000 km2 Montérégie-Est study area covers the watersheds of the Richelieu and Yamaska rivers. Numerical modeling of its fractured-rock aquifer system aims to provide an understanding of current groundwater flow dynamics, but also of its evolution through recent geologic
time. The conceptual model of the aquifer system is based on an extensive regional characterization. The simulation approach involves long cross-sectional 2D conceptual and numerical models extending from the Appalachians (SE) to the St. Lawrence River (NW). Alternative conditions are simulated to
assess the impacts of geological events: glacier melting, invasion of the aquifer by Champlain Sea water, and subsequent system adjustments up to present-day conditions. These simulations provide insight into processes that led to the current distribution of brackish groundwater and the ongoing
aquifer desalinization process.

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