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Beneficial use impairment assessments

Options NameNumber(s) Of Projets
Restrictions of Fish and Wildlife Consumption51
Tainting of Fish and Wildlife Populations97
Fish Tumours or Other Deformities53
Bird or Animal Deformities or Reproduction Problems12
Degradation of Benthos17
Restrictions on Dredging Activities8
Eutrophication or Undesirable Algae44
Restrictions on Drinking Water Consumption or Taste and Odour Problems50
Beach Closings58
Degradation of Aesthetics12
Added Costs to Agriculture or Industry14
Degradation of Phytoplankton or Zooplankton Populations20
Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat80
Compliance with Environmental Quality Objectives42

The Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Research Inventory is an
interactive, Internet-based, searchable database created as a tool to collect and disseminate
up-to-date information about research projects in the
Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Region.