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Annex numbers

Options NameNumber(s) Of Projets
Specific Objectives for toxic substances and effluents134
Remedial Action Plans and Lakewide Management Plans168
Control of Phosphorus60
Discharges of Oil and Hazardous Substances from Vessels4
Discharges of Vessel Wastes18
Review of Pollution from Shipping Sources18
Discharges from Onshore and Offshore Facilities10
Joint Contingency Plan for pollution response3
Hazardous Polluting Substances - lists70
Surveillance and Monitoring418
Persistent Toxic Substances140
Pollution from Non-Point Sources119
Contaminated Sediment50
Airborne Toxic Substances40
Pollution from Contaminated Groundwater77
Research & Development766

The Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Research Inventory is an
interactive, Internet-based, searchable database created as a tool to collect and disseminate
up-to-date information about research projects in the
Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Region.