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Annex 17

Options NameNumber(s) Of Projets
Mass transfer of pollutants between GL Basin Ecosystem components78
Load reduction models for GL System pollutants9
Physical and transformational processes affecting delivery of pollutants117
Cause-effect inter-relationships of productivity and ecotoxicity68
Relationship of contaminated sediments on ecosystem health27
Pollution exchange between AOCs and open lakes19
Effects of varying lake levels and relation to pollution sources, fate and effects15
Ecotoxicity and toxicity effects of pollutants related to developing Annex 1 specific objectives32
Impact of water quality and AIS on fish and wildlife populations and habitats417
Control technologies for treatment of municipal and industrial effluents/emissions50
Action levels for multi-media exposures and interactive effects of chemicals9
Population-based studies on long-term, low-level effects of toxic substances on human health17

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